GFA Village: Summer 2022


Problems can be… problematic to say the least.

But problems can also be opportunities; opportunities for people to come together, come up with a solution, and create a better way of doing things.

This is what we are working towards. And we need your help.

School and community. Families don’t just need a school, but a community. A support network.

They need space to play, and a space to network.

Over the past year, Global From Asia has been experimenting with a “GFA Kids” program that is 100% online. Individual and group sessions – from English to business – have yielded great experiences.

More importantly, it has created a solid foundation.

We are looking to take the next step. A hybrid step. And are looking for a small group of parents to work with.

What is the Idea?


The idea is combining the best of both online and offline education.

With our network of online teachers from around the world, we have the ability to dial in with skilled teachers.

We then combine this with local TA (teaching assistants) who can oversee a small group of children. What we have noticed is that we, as parents, are the “TAs”.

We need to make sure our children are listening to the teacher online, paying attention, and doing homework. We are not teachers, but it is in all our best interests to be assistants to the teachers.

So this new GFA Village model for the GFA Kids will combine the local “TA” with the online skilled teacher.

This allows and provides:

  • Top teachers from the global talent pool – regardless of your location.
  • A small group of fellow students in a warm and inviting offline environment. We are thinking 6 to 8 max is a nice number. The environment can simply be an extra room in one of the parent’s home, or something more dedicated (keep reading)
  • A local TA (teaching assistant) who knows the local culture (China / Thailand / Philippines / etc) and has experience (and patience and love) dealing with kids. This will take the pressure off each of us as parents to oversee our children during the online sessions. They will also ensure that our children are eating their meals and snacks, being disciplined, coordinating with the skilled international teacher on the internet session, and more.

So imagine this:

  • A great lineup of live, online sessions with top teachers from the “internet” (making location irrelevant, simply time zones)
  • A “home room” teaching assistant who is with the children throughout the day
  • A small group of 6 to 8 students per “home room” that is overseen by a loving local person with teaching experience (not us busy parents).
  • A mix of online sessions (with top online teachers), and offline learning/drawing/field trips and playing.

Why settle for expensive schools that are nowhere near as sufficient?

We believe this new model, or some form of it, will be the future of learning.

And we are looking for a select pool of parents who want to build this with us.

Where Will the Learning Revolution Take Place?


That is the bigger question. The main point is somewhere that will tolerate something like this. We need to discuss what licenses and permissions we need from the local government units.

Since location is less sensitive (really all that is needed is a good group of children, open-minded parents, a good TA in that local community, and online access to the global talent pool of teachers) – we want to be creative on this location.

At this point, we are open to location, but are thinking of Western China. A healthy environment, resulting in relaxed living.